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For a first-time home buyer, I couldn’t have imagined a better experience. In fact, out of the whole home buying experience so far, because of Larry, inspecting the home has been the most enjoyable. This is ironic, considering that finding things wrong with a home you’re wanting to buy is typically, I imagine, one of the least enjoyable experiences.
Larry is a gentleman and a scholar. He’s kind and knowledgeable. He cares. He’s passionate. These things were apparent from the get-go. I could belabor details, but simply said, without knowing him, Larry is the type of person you instinctively trust. The inspection was thorough. The major and minor problems were noted. The report was the same. When he speaks, you should listen. I learned as much about other-than-home related things as I did about home-related things. He saved my family and I an incredible amount of potential headache by catching things that I’m pretty sure other inspectors would have missed. – A.E.

I just went through the report and it is very detailed. Nice job. – S. W.

He was really thorough.  He identified deficiencies as well as made some suggestions about things that aren’t normally covered in an inspection.  I think that one really big advantage he had over other inspectors is that he brought a device that measured the slope of the slab.  This is normally an engineer’s function, something I’d never seen done for a regular home inspection.  Yet, this is an example of how through Larry was.  I felt this was a huge bonus all packaged in the price of his inspection.
I’m a Realtor and have to be careful how I recommend service providers such as inspectors to my clients for liability reasons.  I’ve always included Larry on my short list of recommended inspectors.  He has inspected many homes for me over the years because he is a stickler for the details.  I would rather my clients have an extremely thorough inspector rather than some easy-going inspector just to make a deal work.  I’ve come across some less picky and less expensive inspectors over the years, but it’s not worth it.    Larry’s worth every penny – I’m always confident in Larry’s abilities and experience and will continue to recommend him.  My clients have always been very satisfied with his work. – J. S.

As always your report is very thorough and I am much appreciative. – L. T.

Thank you again for your time today, and your attention to detail. In our quest for purchasing a home we had seen several examples of inspections. Your process, and Inspection Report informed (us) in great detail. It also gave thorough references. We appreciate you giving us all the information to help us make an informative decision. – O. G.

Larry has the highest standards I’ve ever experienced. His attention to detail and the depth of his knowledge and second to none. – J. S.

Thanks Larry! You did a fantastic job. We understand why you were so highly recommended. – B. K.

Larry did a SUPERB job and I will highly recommend him to all of my friends. He was on time, explained everything that he was doing and answered any questions we might have had while he was conducting the home inspection. Larry’s integrity is remarkable and if any problems came up he would ask us if we wanted to continue with the inspection or just stop.  He would only charge us for the time he was there and not just go on to get all the money we would owe him if he finished the inspection.  I had him inspect a previous home I was trying to purchase but the foundation was bad and we stopped immediately.  I did not hesitate for one minute when I needed an inspector for this possible purchase.  I have never been through the experience of buying a home and Larry made it a pleasurable experience for my family. – F. R.

We are purchasing our first home, so not sure what to expect using a home inspector. However, the inspection was more than what I expected. Larry was very professional, yet friendly, kind, and punctual, arriving 10-15 minutes earlier than scheduled. He was extremely detailed and educational, teaching things that I never knew or heard of. He went through every nook and cranny, pointing out things that were not of code, broken and required fixing. From the patio roof not installed properly, to the high water pressure, he had the tools necessary to get the job done. His recommendations were informative and much appreciated. The detailed inspection report arrived within 24 hours and included pictures. I definitely recommend his services, and will use him again in the future. – J. C.

Larry is pleasant, professional, and extremely knowledgeable.  He was on time and did exactly what he said he would do.  It was apparent to me immediately that he was highly experienced.  He climbed into attics, closets and pantries to inspect every square inch of this property.  Being a Broker, I have used many inspectors over the years and Larry is my favorite.  I now feel confident that I know all there is to know about the building I am purchasing. – C. D.

Thank you for your patience with me today, and thanks for getting this report done so quickly. It was a pleasure to learn from you. – N. H.

This was the most comprehensive home inspection I have witnessed. Larry does not cut any corners, and looks for things I would not have ever considered. Be prepared to spend 4+ hours on the inspection. – L. N.

Larry is always punctual. He performed two different home inspections for me, the second only because the first home fell through. He is extremely thorough and detailed. He gives great advice, and does a great job with his inspections. He encourages you to attend the inspection and to ask any questions you like while following him around. He’s told us how to care for the types of plants/grass in the yard, as well as given advice on home improvements. Take a notepad with you, he’s got a ton of knowledge. – J. P.

Timely and very knowledgeable and had all the equipment to do the job right. – S. S.

I appreciate your detailed report and will surely recommend your work in the future. – J. Z.

He welcomed me to join him as he did the inspection. This was the main reason I hired Larry. Other inspectors wanted to meet with me at the end. Not only did Larry do a very thorough job in his inspection, he gave many helpful hints/advice about different parts of the house that I would be maintaining. He is very knowledgeable and experienced. The cherry on top of the inspection was what he pointed out that did NOT go on the inspection. These were tidbits that I either marked with tape or took notes so that I could go into my builder’s walkthrough very prepared. Cosmetic or “nice to have” things should not be in an inspection report, but it helps GREATLY when you tell the builder what is needed to be fixed before closing. Buying a house can be stressful, but having someone like Larry to guide you through the final inspection process is a great advantage. I recommend him highly for your home inspection! – C. D.

This is the guy you want. Trust me. – F. F.