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How Covid-19 Affects Our Inspection Process.

The current worldwide coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and associated federal, state, or local government-mandated mask requirements, or similar orders, underscore the risks associated for individuals viewing or inspecting a property occupied by sellers or tenants, and the risks for sellers and tenants of allowing prospective home inspectors to enter the property they occupy.

Even though the Governor of the State of Texas may remove restrictions, we are not relaxing our inspection policies for your safety and ours. You are welcomed and encouraged to attend the inspection, but only three persons may be present on the property with the inspector. There will be no physical contact and a safe distance must be maintained. Masks must be worn by all persons present. We will have hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes present at the inspection. No exchange of paperwork or money (credit cards) will be allowed at the inspection. All transactions will be done online.

The Inspection Agreement must be filled out, signed, and submitted prior to the inspection.

The Covid-19 Certificate for Home Inspection must be signed by the occupant and those who will be attending the inspection. This document must be submitted 24 hours prior to the inspection.

The payment will be made with credit or debit card through Square. You will be emailed an invoice prior to the inspection. The report cannot be released until the payment has been made.

Thank you for understanding these changes during this most difficult time.

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