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Inspector Education

Texas licensed Real Estate Inspectors are required to complete 32 hours of approved continuing education every 2 years. This is a partial list of the education completed by Your Inspector in San Antonio, Larry Wedige

2/15/2002Intro to Real Estate Inspection90San Antonio College
2/25/2002Real Estate Inspection: Advanced Techniques38San Antonio College
3/9/2002Real Estate Inspection: New Construction30San Antonio College
4/1/2002Real Estate Inspection: Trades30San Antonio College
4/30/2004Home Inspection - Mechanical16Texas A&M - Commerce
3/19/2005Plumbing Principles and Inspections8TAREI
4/9/2005Electrical Inspections8TAREI
3/26/2006Inspection Techniques16Gulf Coast School of RE
3/26/2011Instructor - RE Inspection Introduction45San Antonio College
3/29/2012TX Legal/Ethics SOP Update6InterNACHI
3/4/2012How to Inspect Pools and Spas Course8InterNACHI
3/4/2012How to Perform Deck Inspections Course3InterNACHI
4/11/2012How to Perform Roof Inspections Course4InterNACHI
4/12/2012Structural Issues for Home Inspectors Course4InterNACHI
4/26/2012How to Inspect HVAC Systems Course12InterNACHI
8/17/2013Report Writing2TAREI
8/17/2013General Inspection Procedures4TAREI
10/13/2013Infrared Thermography Inspection Training5InterNACHI
10/19/2013TX Legal/Ethics SOP Update6TAREI
10/19/2013Standards of Practice2TAREI
11/6/2013How to Inspect for Moisture Intrusion8InterNACHI
11/16/2013Bldg Science and Infrared Thermal Imaging16InterNACHI
4/5/2014Inspecting Brick2TAREI
4/5/2014SBCCI Code Update2TAREI
4/5/2014IAEI Grounding and Bonding4TAREI
4/6/2014CSST Independent Assessment2TAREI
4/6/2014Gastite - Proper Installation and Inspection2TAREI
4/6/2014Independent Review Panel2TAREI
8/15/2015Intermediate Stucco Inspection8TPREIA
1/22/2016TX Legal/Ethics SOP Update8TPREIA
2/5/2016Electrical Systems Inspections8RETS
2/6/2016Report Writing Technology8RETS
6/24/2016Swimming Pool Inspections8RETS
6/25/2016Infrared Thermography8RETS
8/27/2016Pre-Drywall/Pre-Cover Inspections8RETS
12/9//2016Comfort and Climate for Inspectors1InterNACHI
12/29/2016Roof Data Technician Course2InterNACHI
12/28/2016Ladder Safety Training Course1InterNACHI
1/20/2017TX Legal/Ethics SOP Update8TPREIA
1/21/2017HVAC System Inspections8TPREIA
2/10/2017Electrical Systems Inspections8RETS
2/11/2017Report Writing Technology8RETS
3/4/2017Landscape Irrigation8Champions
8/18/2017Phase Inspections8RETS
8/19/2017Phase Inspections8RETS
1/26/2018Standards of Practice Review4TPREIA
1/27/2018Inspector Legal and Ethics4TPREIA
2/16/2018Continuous Load Path Connections & Residential Wall Bracing8TPREIA
2/1/2019Plumbing According to the Standards of Practice8TPREIA
2/1/2019Standards of Practice Review4TPREIA
2/2/2019Wall - Cladding, Installation and Fire Separation8TPREIA
2/21/2020Inspector Legal & Ethics 4TPREIA
2/21/2020Standards of Practice Review4TPREIA
2/22/2020Plumbing According to the Standards of Practice8TPREIA
3/13/2020Advanced Electrical8TREET
3/26/2021New Construction Phase 1 Inspections8RETS
3/27/2020New Construction Phase 2 Inspections8RETS
11/12/2021Foundation Evaluations8RETS
1/31/2022REI 7-6 and Inspection Standards Update for Inspectors1GreenLight Inspections


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