New Construction Inspections

You’ve just moved in to your new dream home. You had it built to your specifications. But do you know if it was built right? [su_list icon=”icon: long-arrow-right”]

  • Did the builder place the proper reinforcing in the foundation?
  • Is there adequate clearance between the reinforcing and the face of the foundation?
  • Are the foundation beams deep enough?
  • Are the walls properly wind braced?
  • Has proper fireblocking been installed?
  • Are the walls anchored to the foundation?
  • Are the windows properly flashed?
  • Are the load bearing headers sized properly?


There are may things you will never see once the sheetrock goes up. Wise buyers will get their new home inspected at a minimum before the sheetrock goes up and preferably before the concrete is poured. Call us today to schedule you phase inspections and get a comprehensive review of your dream home as it is being built.

Missing fireblocking found during home inspection  Foundation Reinforcement