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15 Questions To Ask Your Home Inspector


15 Questions That You Should Ask Your Home Inspector

1. What systems will the inspection include? A thorough inspection will include foundation, roof, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, electrical, etc.

LarryInspects inspects all of these and more. That is why you can expect your inspection to take 3 ½ to 5 hours, or more.

2. Do you perform Thermal Imaging Scans and if so how much do you charge?

LarryInspects does Thermal Imaging Scans on every property inspected at no extra charge.

3. Do you measure foundation elevations and if so how much do you charge? Equipment may include infrared camera, electronic level, combustible gas detector, carbon monoxide detector, moisture meters, etc.

LarryInspects uses a ZIPLEVEL® PRO-2000 High Precision Altimeter on every property inspected at no extra charge. This device measures the foundation level to 1/8″.

4. Do you check for gas leaks and if so how do you do it? Some inspectors use soapy water while others use the olfactory method (sniff sniff).

LarryInspects uses an electronic combustible gas detector on every property (with gas service) inspected at no extra charge.

5. Do you use other specialty equipment such as carbon monoxide detector, moisture meters, drone, etc?

LarryInspects is equipped with all of these and more. Our inspector regularly takes continuing education classes to keep up with new technology and techniques.

6. Do you do WDI (termite)inspections?

LarryInspects does not perform these inspections. Our inspector focuses on the home inspection and does not want the distraction of inspecting for wood destroying insects. He also believes that those who perform these inspections should be in the business of inspection and treating for wood destroying insects.

7. How long have you been a licensed inspector? While some inspectors do a great job right after licensing, all improve with time. 10 years of experience is better than 5 years.

Our inspector has been a licensed Texas Professional Real Estate Inspector (#6060) since 2001. He also has over 50 years of construction experience, has built several homes, and has taught at San Antonio College as a Home Inspection Adjunct Instructor.

8. How long will the inspection take?

Our inspection takes as long as it takes. As our inspector does only one inspection per day, there is never a rush to finish. You can expect most inspection to take 3 ½ to 5 hours onsite.

9. May we accompany you on the inspection and ask questions during the process?.

You are encouraged to attend and follow our inspector for the entire inspection. Bring a notepad and pencil. Pester the inspector with questions. There will be plenty of information available that doesn’t belong on the inspection report. It’s your money… make the most of the inspection process.

10. Are you a member in good standing of a professional inspectors’ organization? Membership in a professional inspectors’ organization shows your inspectors willingness to further his education and share his experience with his peers.

Our inspector is a 15+ years member of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI), a member of the Texas Professional Real Estate Inspectors Association, and is InfraRed Certified.

11. How much will the inspection cost? Price is usually based on the size of the house and other factors. Ask your inspector to see a copy of his pricing.

LarryInspects has no hidden fees. All of our inspections are priced using the same pricing structure. Inspections start at $279 and a discount for cash or check at the time of inspection is available with every inspection. The larger the house, the larger the percentage discount (up to 18%). See our full pricing information at

12. How soon will we get the written report? Reports should be delivered within 24 hours.

Our reports are usually ready late the same evening or first thing the next morning. A link to a .pdf document will be emailed to you. The report remains available online for a period of 1 year.

13. Will the report include photos of the deficiencies? Photos in the report will make the report easier to understand and better documents the condition of the property.

Yes. Inspection reports by LarryInspects have always included many color photos of the property and observed deficiencies.

14. Does your company sell or take a fee for providing the clients to others such as security services, satellite providers, warranty companies, etc? If the answer is yes, it may indicate a conflict of interest.

LarryInspects has never, or will never share the client’s information.

15. Does your company also do repairs when you find problems? If the answer is yes, it may indicate a conflict of interest.

LarryInspects has never, or will never solicit or perform repairs on any deficiencies found during the inspection.

Choosing the right home inspector can be difficult. Unlike most professionals, you probably will not get to meet me until after you hire me. Furthermore, different inspectors have varying qualifications, equipment, experience, reporting methods, and yes, different pricing. One thing for sure is that a home inspection requires work, a lot of work. Ultimately a thorough inspection depends heavily on the individual inspector’s own effort. If you honor me by permitting me to inspect your new home, I guarantee that I will give you my very best effort. This I promise you.

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